Tips for visiting the Grand Canyon during Spring Break

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GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK (3TV/CBS 5) – Spring Break brings increased traffic and wait times for Grand Canyon National Park visitors.

Vacationers who plan to visit the Grand Canyon should prepare for the heightened level of traffic.

According to National Park Services, during Spring Break, “traffic regularly backs up at the South Rim entrance stations, with the longest wait time between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Parking lots, especially near Grand Canyon Visitor Center, start reaching capacity by 11 a.m.”

The Grand Canyon is also undergoing construction on the Grand Canyon Village roads, and that will add to the congestion.

Park officials urge motorists to stay alert and follow the detour signs, temporary stop lights and other traffic control signs. GPS units are not considered reliable in helping to avoid the construction but people can check construction delays online.

The park has started up two more shuttles to help decrease traffic:

– The Tusayan (Purple) Route

The Hermits Rest (Red) Route

Other shuttles offered by the park include:

The Village (Blue) Route

Kaibab Rim (Orange) Route

Hikers’ Express Shuttle

Visitors can get more information about bus and shuttles at the National Park Services website.

Grand Canyon National Park also wants to remind visitors to take safety precautions while at the park.

“Prepare for your hike ahead of time, visit the Backcountry Office, and know yours and your group’s abilities. If you plan to travel with a pet, please know which trails are pet-friendly and use the South Rim Kennel instead of leaving your furry loved one in a car. Remember to lock your vehicle and secure all valuables. Don’t forget to pack your hoodies and beanies!” said NPS.

(via AZFamily)

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