Best TVs for every occasion

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TEMPE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) – Jeff Hoodzow, Chief Operating Officer at Best Deal in Town, said somewhere down the line buying a television got hard and it is not supposed to be so he helped AZFamily break down the best televisions for certain occasions.

  • Best bang for your buck:According to Hoodzow, the best television for your money is one in the 65-inch range.
    “I think the best deal right now is the 65” Samsung [or] 65” Vizio. You get the best bang for your buck without spending a ton of money.”
  • Best for having people over:Hoodzow says when you have people over to your house you do not want a small television. If the 65-inch is not big enough for you, he recommends the 75-inch 4K Vizio.
    “You get all your size that you want and the picture quality you need.”

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  • For video games:
    There is not a specific TV but you will want something a little more high-end with a faster response time. He suggests an 8,000 series LG or an 8,000 series Samsung.
    “You get a little bit better picture quality, a little bit higher specs, and everything look a little better when you’re playing those high-end games.”
  • Why 4K?
    According to Hoodzow, 4K is great but most programming is not in 4K yet and compares buying a 4K TV to buying a race car and only being able to drive 35 MPH. However, a 4K TV makes old television shows look better and there is more content in 4K every day and he believes soon it will be the standard.

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