Zillow launches first-of-its-kind 3D homes app in Phoenix

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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) – Last week, Zillow launched their 3D Home app in the Phoenix area.

Metro Phoenix is the first city to get access to the app that provides buyers the ability to view immersive 3D tours of listing from their phones.

According to the 2017 Zillow Group Housing Trends Report, “more than 70% of first-time home buyers are millennials and they consider 3D media to be as important as open houses.”

The number of buyers engaging with interactive tours and videos is increasing and the 3D app saves cost and time for the agents, according to Matt Hensler, chief marketing and innovation of HomeSmart International, the company testing the app in its Phoenix brokerage.

“We are so excited to get this technology out into the Phoenix market,” said Jeremy Wacksman, Zillow Group chief marketing officer in a statement. “Our early tests in Scottsdale are showing listings with a Zillow 3D Home are getting more attention from home shoppers, helping sellers and agents make their listings stand out. As home shopping season is about to gear up, Zillow 3D Home is a great tool to help a listing get noticed.”

This new app is a first-of-its-kind allowing real estate professionals 3D technology at no cost from their mobile devices.

Before now real estate professionals had to buy expensive hardware and pay addition hosting fees to capture 3D listings.

The app works by capturing a 360-degree panoramic photo of all the rooms in the house on their phone, the user then uploads them through the app and in a few hours Zillow stitches the photos together into the immersive tour.

Users can review the final tour from the “My 3D Home” dashboard, edit and publish it to their listing.

The Zillow 3D Home app is available from the App Store.

via AZFamily


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