Bashas installs revolutionary sub-zero freezer

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CHANDLER, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) – Arizona’s first super-cold sustainable storage freezer is being installed in the Bashas’ Distribution Center this week.

The Thermal Energy Storage (TES) system is a part of a collaboration between The Salt River Project, Viking Cold Solutions and Bashas’ Family of Stores.

Viking Cold Solutions’ crew began installing the system this week in a freezer that can reach -18 degrees Fahrenheit.

According to Bashas’ Spokesperson Ashley Shick, crew members have special suits to keep them safe in sub-zero temperatures.

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According to SRP, The TES system uses cold-storage panels to make the 10,000-square foot freezer more energy efficient and colder. It works by storing energy in cold-storage panels at night for subsequent day use, enabling less refrigeration run time and reducing load during peak afternoon hours.

SRP Spokesperson Patty Garcia-Likens compared how this system keeps the room cold to how an icepack keeps a lunchbox cold.

“If you can picture what you put in your lunchbox, that’ll keep your lunch cold and this [system] is going to keep this room just slightly colder than it needs to be,” Garcia-Likens said. “That way, when they’re not using as much energy it’s still keeping the room cold.”

SRP says this refrigerating system will help provide energy savings for customers with industrial freezers, as well as provide long-term benefits for all their customers by reducing peak demand during summer months.

Arizona State University’s School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment and Nexant’s Utility Services Group will be helping SRP measure the results of the project to help anticipate the potential impact of this technology.

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“It’s just an exciting time for all of us, to be on the forefront of this technology” Shick said. “It’s a great partnership for everybody.”

Via AZFamily 3TV& CBS5

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