Andy Biggs’ First Town Hall

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Tuesday night, U.S. Representative Andy Biggs discussed a variety of constituent issues; some of his opinions garnered cheers and others that provoked boos.

In his first town hall since being elected, Biggs shared his opinion on issues that varied from how he would hypothetically call to impeach Trump if ties with Russia were found, his support of fewer government regulations, to him telling the audience he was still a climate change skeptic.

However, the topic most discussed was the Republican’s new health care bill and their attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

When asked about House Majority Speaker, Paul Ryan’s, stalled health care bill, Biggs responded, “I do not like that bill because it does not keep a promise we made to repeal (the Affordable Care Act). It leaves the framework in place. Those of you who like Obamacare, this is your best alternative.”

Later a woman asked him about what would happen to people in high-risk insurance pools that would cause patients to struggle to pay for medicine, an issue she is worried about because multiple family members have Type 1 Diabetes.

Another man asked Biggs why he supported a bill that would allow ISPs to sell user’s browsing history.

Talking through the audiences groans Biggs responded, “I am a big believer that when the federal government starts regulating, and they look into things like the internet, they start botching it up, I believe that the marketplace will rule. And that’s what happened in this instance.”

The last question of the night was if he agreed with the overwhelming amount of scientists who believe climate change is sped up by human activity.

Biggs, a member of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee, responded by saying he has read reports from scientists that both believe and do not believe in climate change and that he is still skeptical it is occurring.

“I think that what they say is actually valid and is something that maybe you should look at as well. There are credible scientists who say climate change exists… we aren’t sure why. There are credible scientists who say that. There are credible scientists who say it doesn’t,” Biggs said as the crowd erupted in yells and boos.

After his hour long town hall some audience members left unsatisfied with his answers.

Jennifer Grossman, an instructor at ASU Polytechnic, claimed she was appalled at the things Biggs said.

“I just came from the town hall with Andy Biggs and I am so disappointed,” she said.

Afterwards, in the lobby of the church, audience members got into a fight screaming at each other for being rude during the town hall.

Nicole Girard, the founder of Indivisible PHX, a group that has been requesting Rep. Biggs to host a town hall for months now, was happy with the turn out.

“One things that is good about Representative Biggs is that he did give quite a bit of notice and he is having two, so I do appreciate that,” she said.

Andy Bigg’s next town hall is in the Navajo Room at the Sun Lakes Country Club in Chandler, AZ on Friday, April 14th at noon.

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