Cronkite Must See Monday: Dan Russell

Emily Richardson Avatar

“ used to be a porn site and that pissed off the government” Dan Russell (2015)

On November 23rd Google writer, analysist, and Search Anthropologist, Dan Russel joined the students at ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication to
discuss what it’s like to work at Google. Our JMC305 class arrived to the presentation 5 minutes early and all three floors that allow students to see the stage were packed.

The presentation covered the topics of everything between before there was Google to spoof sites to web talk to on average how many people know computer keyboard commands. The majority of the presentation was how our culture is now formed around the Internet and its users lingo and habits. He went over ways people can get the best from their online experience but knowing things like the “command + F” keyboard shortcut.

“90.5% of Americans do not know how to use the command+F feature on a keyboard” Dan Russell (2015)

Something I found extremely interesting is that the predictive searches are not a statistically correct way to express common searches for countries because Google staff will remove porn, hate speech and other offense searches from the predictive search. The entire presentation was ridiculously interesting. He explained a lot of shortcuts and pages made by Google that students and journalists can use in order to make research easier. Most Millennials think they know all there is to know about the Internet but there are thousands of things we don’t know.  He explained the importance of knowing the secrets of search engines because in the journalism field your ability to search is important.
After the presentation I went up to a Cronkite student to get their take on Dan and his lecture. A girl named Avery said “I think his presentation was very informative”

And to end my post I will add one more quote from Dan, “Lastly; be curious.”

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